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So many sites, so little time

bring your URLs here!

Stylish Sites
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1. No yahoo or msn type website, sorry
2. We accept websites that are AND are not hosted as a .com,.net, and .org site
3. All applications must be placed behind an LJ-cut
4. Within the LJ-cut please put the following information about your site:
-name of site:
-the site's purpose (ie: celebrity, personal, etc.)
-an 81x30, 50x50, or 100x100 button or icon for your site (made by you or someone from your site)
-any additional information you think is necccesary information
5. Please label your LJ-cut "Stylish Site yoursitetitlehere" to acknowledge that you've read the rules (make sure to remove yoursitetitlehere and add your personal site title-all who do not label an LJ-cut as directed will be overlooked and not admitted)

Once added, your site will be added to our memories page under the category of your site. To make this even easier it would be a help if you put the celebrity of your site (unless it's a personal site, etc. )in your subject line.